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FINALLY. is complete with all of our favorite pictures.

Every worship leader's nightmare, courtesy of the highly-renowned Northpoint worship team in Atlanta.

I'm pleased to be a "special guest" at the Velocity: Rhythm in Worship Conference coming soon. If you play guitar bass or drums in a worship setting in the triad, you should come. These teachers are quite talented.

Watch your car crash.

Since I'm in the market, a good real estate site &
closing procedures for NC.

So, how rich are you really?

How many earths would it take if everyone were to live like you?

Yearning to hear what a Utah Prairie Dog sounds like?

New get a mac commercial. It's funny every time.

Where do the SuperBowl losers Tshirts and hats go??

Help plug the film that my oldest brother wrote the music for...(sign in and give it 5 stars)

Here's my friend Sterl's new coffee concept.

Since it's the first update of 07,
here are some cool links:
--100 "greatest" guitar solos with TAB
--The orgins of a bunch of sayings and phrases
--An aparent "must read"--Knowledge of the Holy
--Learn languages via Podacasts
--Online file conversion

I've recently cut out softdrinks--so what happens to your body when you have a coke is encouraging.

How good is your musical memory?
(I got an 86%)

The price is, well, over...

How much should you weigh?

Did you feel the WS earthquake? I didn't either, but it still happened!

What's your salary? Better yet--what should it be?

2 impressive free music streaming sites. BlogMusik and FineTune.

Here are the pictures from my recent Germany trip.

Check out the new rumored ipod and how they're going to tackle having more HD space (for video files).

I "digitized" my one growing up album--thanks to a scanner. Here's my childhood memories.

How to make a coin ring. I want one!


Add your own caption...


God is creative (too say the least).


Google is going to rule the world shortly.


Cool site. Kinda like woot but with music stuff.
Did you know Giligan died in WS.


What do you get when you drink 24 beers a day for 8 years and don't throw any away?....This.


The new mac ads. Genius.


Beans beans, they're good for your heart.
Beans, beans, they make you...well not anymore...


Just in case you're looking for a 16G flash drive.


I didn't need an article to tell me this, but in case you were wondering...


Bugs Bunny's evil cousin...


It is usually best to not touch your IRA, but here are early withdrawl options.
other tax tips


I just finished the "MK song" in honor of my new friends in Central Asia!


Someone has way too much free time, but at least it's with guitars.
thankx derek


Cool site that helps yo "Find music that you love."


Turns out that good ole' West Forsyth is housing a student who is starting to get some radio attention.


Sad to hear that Josephine passed away after 66 years of running one of the best cafes in Vienna.
(thankx joe)

02-15-06 (cool new links)  (real estate info)


Had to blog this since I want to check out some of these mac apps.
Also fun with mac widgets.


Pretty amazing Bible resource.


Free backgrounds and video loops for worship settings.


Some Crowder pics at Passion 06.
thanks dave


A one-eyed kitten with no nose. hmm.


Don't see this everyday on retail websites.


I'm now a convert to ESV. Sorry, NIV.


See Pictures of little Ethan Christopher Mann.

Christmas Day 05

Air Guitar (appropriate for "")
thanks Derek


A good possible sollution to waiting on  Media Shout for mac (for all you worship leaders).

Also, a seemingly good guide to real estate--my new interest.


Just found out about Google text messaging. No need for 411. If only I could get my messaging to work.


Time for the halloween post.

I very rarely like bands on the first listen--Tenth Avenue North is an exception.

Repost of testing your internet connection, since I'm having to do so a lot recently.


A mysterious 2 showed up on doppler. Of course the only co. that cared to write about it was NBC-2.


If you're one of the lucky Amazon customers, you can get a 4 month free membership trial of Amazon Prime: free 2 day shipping or $4 over-night on many orders. Login and go to "subscriptions" to see if you got the offer. Just in time for Christmas!


Mute Math is sick. Watch at least to halfway where the drummer goes crazy.


Speaking of Ipod, I finally got the Salem Chapel Podcast up and running--check it out:

1. Open Itunes (or download it already!)
2. Go to the "Advanced"menu and click "Subscribe to Podcast"
3. Enter: ""


I knew it. I thought they'd wait till closer to Christmas, but I guess they thought we're ready for the Ipod Video.


Brain and Andrea's site won an award.


Interesting article on the rich and future rich.

Unreal. Katrina the drink!?

Also--interesting read about "God speaking"
(thankx derek)


You've probably already seen the commercial, but if you haven't heard, the Nano is cool.


Gear reviews.


Innovative tabs site with actual recordings.


In case you were wondering what exactly what kind of sugery I got


Video Tombstones. "Vidstones" may be soon to come.


Posted Colorado Pics from the MK Re-entry retreat.

The Lust Song!

Posted World Changers 05 pics finally.


I'm totally hooked. builds a social web with friends from all over. Great idea. You must enter a college or alumni email to join. (no junk mail). 


Massive shark--ugly too.
Baby Mann's a-brewin' in Sweden.


Gabriel's rant site.
Sermon site


Waiting for my new toy to come in. All 60 gigs of it.


I'm finally back into my site. I found a Mac web editor that I'm trying to work with.


Watch 7/22.
Great Site if you write songs and need to know chord flow.


Awesome site to find Beats Per Minute
Great site for transposing praise (or other songs) that are written out.



Link update:
D-skin. good idea.
Helpful metronome.
If you like magic.
GuitarGeek--great rig database.




A nice music theory page.


Basketbrawl (one of the worst outbreaks yet)


Atkins THIS.
--according to middlemann (1420 calories, 107 grams of fat)--


Alternate tunings.


Small world. Actually, it's pretty big.

Still on the hunt, but this should help. Thanks Derek.


I think they would have to change the title from "first lady" to something else. 1. 2.

If you like talking about money...


Listen to some drum solos from the pros.


Internet Art. --remember Mr. Toad's Wild Ride? (via Nick)


Cheat sheet
"No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or other tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate....


Kerry-O-Lantern. Just in time for October.

See every political commercial since 1952.


But, nothing's free.


I guess with over a $billion, why not?


I'm hooked. Try searching the questions.


Another site for downloading praise music. (click "guitar chords" on side)


They call him Flipper, Flipper.....(play video on the left)


Check out WFU's rankings according to the Princeton Review.


I've been looking for this for a long time.

If you're short an attorney. I can't vouch for it, but Cnn and MSNBC have run stories on it. Also, is shaping up thanks to Jay Bray. They by the way are in Nashville already!



I'm trying to learn how to best manage wealth. I think I should before I have any. This site helps. Here are some extra resources. Although, you may want to think twice about real estate--just ask Donald




B429's CD is out! Make sure to buy it this week. You can either order it or hop on over to Walmart or a Christian bookstore.


I'm considering an electric guitar. This guy says "If another dealer beats my price on the same PRS guitar I will pay you double the difference." and still thinks they are really over-rated. They're still the best looking...hands down.



How fast is your connection?


Forget Segway!!


I just posted a new website!
It'll tell you all about the new business I'm starting to get in to. Let me know if you want to save about 35% on your energy bill without sacrificing any comfort levels.


Great free stock photo website

Where are they now? Probably making phone calls.


I've posted a little demo I made--We Are Hungry. Keep in mind--recording for all of the tracks (which I did) was in under an hour--so it's a bit rough around the edges. Thanks Ken.


Today I start as an Independant Contractor for Waste Consultants Inc. So, appropriately, I'll re-link the site I made to answer any questions. Let me know if you know of a business who wants to save an average of 30% on their solid waste costs--no risk or upfront costs, because we split the savings! Help me help you.


Scott leaves today for Switzerland for about two months to go to Labri. Keep updated on with his journal.


This is helpful if you live in the triad.



My great uncle's band. sweet.


Never underestimate teenagers. Especially this one.


The car tracker ("via" nick)


Info about Christian music. Kinda cool


My guitar students will emit a sigh of relief. Readable blank sheet music!


Since Bowling for Columbine is on tv a bunch now--the truth. (thanks derek)


eye art?


I realized I've never blogged joe's site, It might look familiar. Don't worry, there is a lawsuit pending.


Movie Goofs.


You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but don't pick your friend's nose.


The lead singer from my highschool band started fresh with "Building 429" who is number 2 on the Christian charts --it was number 1 on CRWs AC Charts. That's the fastest climb to #1 in CRWs chart history. Buy the CD and help make it number1!!!


I have 3 new sites to unveil that I have been working hard on.
The first: my goal is to not let the bookstore sell for full price and buy back for 10%.
The second: a prayerchain is starting up at WFU. Here you can post your requests.
The third: learn about what I'll potentially be doing post graduation. I've played around with it--putting the info that I know about the business on the site.



03-16-04 has an archive of outdated, yet still existant laws. CNN did a special on it yesterday. pretty funny


XANU is back finally!!!!!!!! (streaming techno).


Crystal Pepsi was wonderful. Pepsi One--a good idea. Pepsi Blue bombed (and rightly so). Pepsi Vanilla couldn't compete. Now it's time for the all new Pepsi Edge! Will it work?


Your trash is their treasure. An article. Their site.

03-09-04 is here--the new church website. Random info: I actually registered that domain on this computer for my dad (since he's in charge of it)

03-02-04 best one I've seen yet: soon to have a transpose button. Props!



True Talent


Yeah Wake.


This has been going around--but i must also make a tribute to my childhood.


Just finished my WF railing art. I took pictures of the progression.


Funny yet highly impressive. (thankx joe)


Shane Barnard & Shane Everett IN CONCERT on Fri Feb 13th - 8pm in Wait Chapel! Tickets on sale at the door, noon-8pm! Doors open 7pm, and ChiRho is opening.


Virus got me--and it's spreading quickly! Cleaned it up though. Here for more info.


More cool Super Bowl ad facts.


30 second Super Bowl Ads reach record-breaking average cost of $2.25 mil. Hope they're good.


All those lost bags in the airport have goodies in them. Go here to buy them. (thanks joe)



I've finally put up the forum in which now has the low-down on the site that has been flooding wfu e-mails all over campus. It's a trend that has revealed!! Singles Beware.


Scott's new forum in cluding his new blog


An appropriate link for


WELCOME TO GUITARMANN.COM!!! A new look for the new year. I've reformatted ALL of the pictures, and I've also completed my resume page, if you haven't seen that yet (see links at bottom of page). And the biggiest news as far as I'm concerned, is that I snagged!!! I've been eyeing that one for a while. You can also e-mail me now at Enjoy. In other news, Colin Powell is speaking at my graduation!



The Good news: One more semester left!The Bad news: One more semester left.


TV stations from around the world.
thanks nick


Add "SmarterChild" into your AIM buddylist and ask it any question about movie listings, local weather, definitions, geography, news, real time stock quotes--anything-- or even just small talk. Amazing computer system--free for 30 days, then $10 a year. Very cool.


Man, if only I had known about this earlier. Gauranteed A. (well, i'm done with school for now--so more updates ahead)

--finals are coming up--


If you're a Wake student--this is a must see For everyone else, this is a great site about advertising news. They usually feature the top commercials of the week.


I made a new website to make life easier on my guitar students.


I made the site! (look to the right--on the "Completely Hilarious" section. here's the link



If you use im and check away messages, listen up. BuddyGopher is a program that one of my WFU friends invented which consolidates your friend's away messages and checks them all at once. Add him (BuddyGopher) to your IM list and check his away message(or profile), and he'll show you what to do to add friends' names. They're still working out the bugs since its new, but you can say you were one of the first. Free and legit, don't worry.


Not slickdeals, but not bad


Happy Halloween


Big news from amazon. You can search the text of over 33 million pages from their books. wow. Also--win a Segway




Walking dots (click "Lines" at the bottom) (rotate with the arrows)


History of the Q-tip and other random facts

Type in your full (home) phone number without dashes to see exactly where you eat and sleep. scary cool.

-thanks Blake


Trouble losing your kids? What'll they think of next?


Unexpected environmental factors may influence sales. Just ask QVC.


A couple of word doc praise songs online. Of course there's the mac daddy list that I put together
right here.


Ikea lamp.

Sheet metal.


Pics of Wake way back when. And the streaming video of the groundbreaking cerimony.


Froogle. Google is amazing. Try a search to see why. Swedish google? bork bork bork.


I have just posted my 5th site. Practice makes....better.


Fun toys I have recently purchased:
Toshiba e335
Quiet Cork (my appt. walls are paper thin)
Speaker Chair: (got it for $ games, music,
or movies.


How to for games etc. I especially like the how to beat carnival


Well, dad is doing well recovering from his surgery to remove a blockage in his intestine. I found out I'll be next in the hospital getting a turbinoplasty coupled with a septoplasty (for deviated septum) --a little road work on the inside of my nose.

Also--what will happen before, during, and after.


Be proud of your hatchback 88 Civic. With a little cash and some labor, it could look like this.


Fun at the Mann house. Brian as Chin Mann.


Hmmm. Should I start saving? Eye don't know. (thanks derek)


Just got back from camp. Check out the pictures. (watch for pastor Gilbert on the slip and slide)


It's true. I share a birthday with David Hasselhoff. Today, he's 51, and I'm 22. Here's a piece of his finest work. Happy birthday dave.


Kill some more time--visit Kevin Bray's website. I especially like his real deal mullet.


Learn the meaning at your fingertips.


Now that i'm a test away from the fun part of summer, i'm ready for the first celebration--the Fourth of July. To get pumped, check out this Fourth of July Celebrations Database.


It's actually a hobby of mine to try and get telemarketers to hang up on me instead of me on them, but I guess this a better option all together. (Straight from the Pres himself--it's legit)


Still wheelin' and dealin'.


If you feel you didn't get the education you deserved from public school, this link will bring you to speed.


Bargain hunter site. Sometimes have a cool Deal of the Day. 06-19-03

Search by a phone number.


FUN. stay a while


Who needs a TV anyways?


See computer intelligence in action. You think of the TV sit-com star or dictator, and this will read your mind. Have at it.


Guitar chord generator


Well, now you know what he is doing (below), see what he won't be. See Brian Play.


My brother's (Brian's) big news and new site!!

I posted some pics on the STS site. These are from the STS meeting in front of Wait Chapel after the Jars and Caedmon's


The new and improved!! (My brother, Scott's


The geek version of Slick

What do you mean they're not safe? This one even has 4 wheels! (thankx joe)


AS ONE this wednesday March 26th!!!!!! I've been working like a mad man to get this thing together. If you live anywhere close to Winston, please come.


No matter your belief, the fact is that we're at war. Don't forget those who are willing to die for this country's freedom in the midst of your theology.


Watch a computer person say whatever you type in (at bottom). Make sure you have a fast connection--and even if you do, be patient.


My brother Brian on the IMBD.


A friend, Gabriel Schulze (yes I spelled it right), just started posting some news stories about Iraq and other things. One of those things I should care about.


e-post-it notes. What a great idea.


As you may know, I lead about 15 praise songs a week on average (not including the ones I teach in lessons). In doing this I have to make or find (which I hate doing)
a bunch of charts. So, here is the praise leader's dream (just under 90 song charts in a word doc.) that I use that took me way too long to put together.


Another Stephen (maybe "Steven") Mann who is creating wearable computers. Brace yourself. (thanks to even another Stephen Mann from Austrailia who e-mailed me about this).


Granted--i'm still fixing the little things--here's the new site that I've been working on for hours on end. (need IE to view)

02-12-03 got a make-over I'm still getting used to. In other news, I'm working on a new website for Wake that I will unveil sometime in the near future!


Derek is engaged! Congrats. (see the ring).


Missed all the superbowl ads? Well, here ya go. The Terry Tate (Reebok) one is top of my list.

Josh has a domain name!

This is amazing. A liquid kid (from Chris Barr's page) Wait for the kid in orange at the end!


My cruise photos are up!! Here ya go.


Here, you can see where the sun is shining right now on different parts of the world. Try clicking on the globe.


My brother beat me to it. He took more pictures anyways, so here ya go.


Just got back from a 7 day cruise and am back at good ole Wake. I'll try to post some pictures in the near future.


Finally a place where you can type it in, instead of searching those huge charts. Happy 2003 by the way.


Monoverbum poetry.


A bunch of tips about a bunch of things. A good time killer for the hollidays.


If you have any sort of imagination, this site will provide you with hours of entertainment.


With the meteor shower coming up, i thought this was appropriate. Find out what you can see in the sky each night.


Everyone knows google can't be beat. If you want to always have it at your fingertips, click here. While you're there--you can try these searches that have led people from all around the world to this site:

Stephen Mann's Website
guitar lessons Winston salem
guitar lessons nc
simple guitar lessons
parasailing in Interlaken
wienerschnitzel pictures
guitar implements
Schoenbrunn pictures
Winston Salem, NC pictures (around 4th page)
guitar winston-salem
playing guitar for beginners pictures (3rd page)


Well, I won the respect of a few peers today by winning "chubby bunny" by fitting 17 marshmellows all in my mouth and saying "chubby bunny" 3 times.

In other news, I plan on learning basic Italian over Christmas break. So, if this inspires you to learn a new language as well, go here.


Hey, could you write me what time it is?


The preliminary stages of have been set. Also, check out my new STS logo.


Just one of those things. Also blogged on Derek's site, but if you want to impress me this Christmas...go here.


My dad and my digital camera are in Japan this week. Check out the photos here. (Bottom left) Also on this page are picture of Elevate Contemporary Worship Service)


The pencil that works like a pen. Very cool.


Think halloween is evil? Even know what halloween is?
My favorite October read.


My family had dinner tonight with the cousin we had never known. Click Here for the pics and the story.


Sorry guys--i haven't had access to update all week. Anywho--1 Very cool Site. 1.
(Thanks Joe)


All the stuff you never needed to know. here.


Big announcement for STS tonight--(Chris Rice)


Posted some pics on the sts site.


Just to kill time, I was messing around in Photoshop and found a pretty cool feature with some odd results. Check out the pics.


"Did you know that parliament is an anagram of partial men? Or, Clint Eastwood an anagram of Old West Action?" Find your own anagrams at this site. What a good idea.


I've now made the User Photo section a little more secure and user friendly.


Well, I just updated the STS site with info on the leadership team.



One day a student from at Chapel Hill (Dave Ruele) and a friend (Cory Cavin) realized the world they were in at college and were inspired to write a song. Eric Chetwood introduced me to it, and I fell in love. This is a recording from a camp 2 summers ago with Eric (lead singer), Jordan Rowan (guitar and high harmony), Chris Bitsas (harmony), Scott (my brother--congas and some some singin) and me (guitar andsecond harmony). Of course, I'm talking about the Lust Song! (Thanks, Josh, for the tweaking).

Click to play it, or right click and pick "Save target as..." to download it.


Today we remember those who were attacked one year ago and pray for God's strength and comfort. Calvary is holding a special rememberance service at 6:30.


This site has all sorts of info on Copyright--something I'm starting to get interested in.

Well, we had the first practice for Elevate tonight. I get my own on-stage mixer along with a corldless guitar hook-up and a mic that fits over my ear and is no thicker that a paper clip stretched out. Just think Garth.

Did you know you are potentially sending info about you and your computer to every site you visit? Click here to see what kind of info and how it all works.

My new fad in music. It's just plain chill streaming internet radio. Flavas of light techno with jazzy grooves. Make sure to click on "Chill Out Radio" at the bottom.


Express yourself with a mouse. Then submit your work of art for the world to see. Kind of a random site, but hey, I do what I can.


Click here to find out how your car did in crash testing. Luckily for me, the Civic did pretty well.


Well, since last time, I've gotton a new computer and posted a new website. Now I should be back on track with updates. So, now may I unveil to you the brand new STS website. The images that pop up when you put your mouse over the different links is a magical touch that took me way too long to figure out. Hope you enjoy it.


The link of the day is for all of those who own an indoor grill (especailly the famous boxer model). This link gives you estimates of cooking times for different meats and vegtables. Of course if you are a college student this link isn't for you since you shouldn't even have one of these blasted fire starters in your dorm room to begin with! Enjoy (but not if you are a college student).


I Need Your Help!!! WFU is holding a contest for who has the best study abroad pictures. I've created a contest page with some of my better Euope pictures. On this page is a poll where you can pick your favorite. Please vote so I know what to submit.

In other news, I am working hard on updating the pictures from the trip I just took and am working on another site (for an on-campus organization) that I will debut shortly.


I have updated the condenced the format of my site to accomodate smaller screen computers. I have also added new graphics to each of the pages. There will not be any updates this week since I will be in California! I'm off to celebrate the fact that I'll never have to take another accounting class (along with visiting my brother). Your
homework for the week is to submit pictures that are on your computer. It took a while to set this up, so humor me User photos. Also, if you haven't already, check out the pole and the tell a friend below.


Since "" is so hard to remember, I've done a little work to get a new url. So, here it is: "" There is no ".com" or anything. just remember that I am "committed to guitar!" Add a dot after committed and a "/" after "to." That's it. Try it out: "" You'll probably get a pop-up ad when you use this url, but it's much easier to remember that I'm "committed to guitar" when trying to find my site. I hope after all this, you have it ingrained in your mind that I'm "committed to guitar."

I've also just added a section where you can post your photos and view them from here, a mini-poll, and a tell-a-friend feature. Have fun.


Since I just had my Eiffel Tower picture framed last week, I created a page with the whole story of its creation. It includes pictures as well. Check it out.


Radio? Who's needs a radio? Put a glide in your stride, a dip in your hip, and swing it on over to the mothership connection. This site offers a cornucopia of digital radio stations to "tune in" to. Whether you like classical hits, 80s duds, European techno (ah, the memories), or top 40 hits, you'll find something to make you groove. is here! This is my brother Scott's new website url. If you haven't put two and two together, Scott is the middle brother between Brian and myself. Hopefully you can figure out why the last part of it is "mann."


As you can see, I added a new feature to my site. It enables you to chat directly with me. If it says "Online," then you can click it, and you and I can chat. It's like IM without the screen names. If it says, "Offline," click it to leave a message. Especailly if you are a first time visitor, or have any questions about me or my site, try it out! That's what it's there for.
Happy August.


Why is this so hard??? I have been up for just under 4 hours and have heard this simple grammar construction misused in a radio commercial, a CD (Dave Matthews isn't as smart as you thought) a TV show, and a music video (Counting Crows needs to polish up as well).

It's called subjunctive. For the hundreds of people that visit this site, I want to clear this up. If it is something that you should have done, a wish for the way things should be, or if it is something that you would do in the future, then use the subjunctive case. In other words, use this case in a hypothetical situation. If you use "If", or "I wish that," don't say, "was," say, "WERE."

WRONG: "If I was in a car wreck, I'd be hurt."
RIGHT: "If I were in a car wreck…"
WRONG: If it was you, you'd be hurt too.
RIGHT: "If it were you…"
WRONG: "I wish I was Stephen Mann." (I'd let it slide though)
RIGHT: "I wish I were..."

This isn't that hard of a concept. If = were (in most instances). Keep you ears open for a day to see how many times it is misused. Some of the smartest people I know, along with some of the better speakers I know can't get this straight. The misuse of pronouns and the misuse of "good" and "well" bother me just as much, but I'll save those rants for another time.


When you get e-mail with the title, "someone likes you," you start to wonder. First thought-virus. Second- I'm going to get constant spam e-mails about discounted lava lamps. After a little clicking, I don't think either is the case. The way the "system" works, is that you go to (This is NOT the link of the day) and make an account with e-mail addresses of people you "like." They get an e-mail notifying them that somebody wants a piece of the pie (the e-mail I received today). They (I in this case) then make their own wish list. If you type in the e-mail address of the person who originally e-mailed you, then it notifies you of the
match, you meet your mate, and you live happily ever after. So, here are my thoughts: Best-case scenario: Jennifer Love Hewitt somehow found my site and fell in love. She'll soon get the guts to call, we'll hit it off, and we'll live off of the royalty checks from Scream. Worst-case scenario: A forty plus-year old trucker with thick back
hair has a crush and forged all of the info. I'm guessing somewhere in the middle. But, if you're really out there, I at least know that you "are 18-22 years old, you like walks in the park, you would love to sail in the Caribbean for a get-away date, you like a good joke every now and then, and you'd take a trip around the world if you won the lottery." Umm. I'll keep my eyes open.


Link of the Day: Add some fire to your attire. click here.


Link of the day: a very impressive website with facts and videos of
world records.


Have you been hearing any rumors about a new service at Calvary? Well, it's on its way. It will start on September 8th. See what it's all about.

Link of the day: Want to know where your money is going? Literally? This site follows the serial number of any bill you enter. If someone else enters the number later, you'll get an e-mail. As of this update, they had 1,322,608 users who have entered 20,301,152 bills, totaling $119,603,243 worth of U.S. currency.


Now, for the links of the day. Click here if you "gotta go" but are concerned with where. If you want to keep up to date with corn in Iowa, visit the live feed corn cam. Corn not your thing? Then visit the soybean cam or the dairy cam. It's amazing what's out there.



Here are some links to help you keep track of all the money everyone is losing. Market Browser is a free download that will keep track of 4 stocks at a time. You can type in any company to see how much it has lost (chances are it has), and you can save different portfolios. If you don't know the ticker symbol of the company, or you'd rather not download anything, go here.


While on my updating high, I added a discussion forum. Todays thought- provoking question deals with the stock market. Any answers are welcome. Enjoy.